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Custom data privacy
that adapts to your users.
Not the other way around.
With CAPE's configurable data privacy platform, your users can confidently participate in the crypto ecosystem, without leaving a trail of personal data.
Empower your users with crypto, without the worry of unwanted attention.
Protect your portfolio against market manipulation and frontrunning.
Custom privacy
Transaction data that should be private, stays private.
Trust builder
Protects against malicious actors and use cases, ensuring users remain confident in the technology
Risk management
Give users the privacy they need while keeping the risk management you require.
CAPE helps:
Asset issuers
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Attract new users by offering assets that provide on-chain privacy.
NFT artists and app builders
Unlock new uses cases and possibilities for your creations by customizing the privacy settings around your art, applications, and beyond.
Empower yourself with discreet transactions and data security. Because privacy should be everyone's concern.
Institutional investors
Protect your portfolio from prying eyes while your assets remain securely self-custodied.
You wouldn't broadcast your users' bank balances or openly publish their purchase histories.

Why should crypto be any different?
CAPE allows for configuration of assets so that only designated parties can see transaction details. For example, a stablecoin provider looking to offer a payments solution can create private assets that only they as the issuer can view.
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Lending with Hidden Liquidation Levels
Invest knowing your liquidation levels are kept private. With the extension of CAPE's privacy-preserving functionality, lending platforms will be able to offer hidden liquidation levels for users, ensuring that they can maintain privacy in their strategies. Read more about how CAPE is transforming the lending landscape in our case study.
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Credentials and Risk Scores
As CAPE adopts support for credentials, attestations, and risk-scores to the system, the platform will empower users, risk managers, and more with knowledge about their counterparties.
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How CAPE works:
Create privacy policy
Choose who can see private information, like the sender or receiver's address, the type and amount of assets, or the attributes of credentials. You also set who can freeze assets.

Settings are transparent and always customizable.
converT assets
Asset issuers can easily mint digital assets, like native tokens or NFTs, with chosen privacy settings - or they can convert ERC-20 into private tokens.  

Users can transfer private wrapped assets with peace of mind, knowing their transactions are hidden.
CAPE supports both entirely new assets that are created directly on CAPE as well as pre-existing Ethereum assets.
Control your data.
Protect your privacy.