Customize the privacy of your Ethereum assets

Use CAPE to create assets and wrap tokens to have the privacy properties you require.

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CAPE enables:

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Configurable privacy

Addresses, asset types, transaction amounts, and credentials can be hidden from the world.

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Custom policies

Asset creators can define policies and programs around the assets they mint or move over from Ethereum.

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Shared data

Viewing keys can be customized to reveal any combination of transaction details relating to sender and recipient addresses, input and output amounts, and identity attestations.

Use Cases

Make payments privately

Whether you are a DAO contributor getting paid for your work, a startup fundraising in stablecoins, or a corporation making a cross-border payment, you might not want to reveal your payment and your holdings to the world. With CAPE, you can wrap your ERC-20 assets to make payments with precisely the privacy you need.

Create configurable private assets

If you are a digital asset creator you can offer your consumers enhanced privacy with CAPE. You can retain visibility into the ledger while enabling users to protect their data from third parties. CAPE also empowers users to know who can see information about their holdings and transactions.

Privacy-preserving asset management

Trading strategies are no secret in crypto. If you are an investor or asset manager, you can use CAPE to protect your trades and holdings from public view without having to deal with complex or risky operational processes.

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