Fuel your chain
with Espresso
Enhanced interoperability, fast finality, and credible neutrality while maintaining sovereignty and scale.


Espresso is the coordination layer for chains to create value for their users – and capture that value for their ecosystems.
Interoperate at scale
Espresso powers interoperability across chains, from efficient bridging to atomic transactions. Developers and users benefit from seamless interactions while maintaining scale and security.
Revenue creation and capture
Espresso provides a free, open market for sequencing - driving the best outcome for all parties. As a mechanism for chains to coordinate on transaction ordering, Espresso helps chains create value for their users -- and capture that value for their ecosystems.
Web2 performance,
Web3 security
Espresso is a decentralized system that will scale to tens of thousands of nodes while maintaining strong performance. High throughput, low latency to deliver what developers need.

We're building for:

Whether you are developing a chain, a rollup, or an application, get the seamless interoperability, sustained scale, fast finality, and strong guarantees of Espresso. Offer your users all of this - without sacrificing the chain’s sovereignty or value capture.
Fuel your Chain
With Espresso, you can take your NFT trades seamlessly cross chain, your in-game assets outside their native ecosystems, your swaps and positions out of their specific silos, and more. Choose apps fueled by Espresso for the open, interoperable experience you wanted from Web3 in the first place.
Espresso provides new lines of revenue for infrastructure providers like block builders that bid on the Espresso Marketplace and node operators that secure the Espresso Network.

How Espresso Works

Capture Value
Chains sell the right to sequence transactions for their system, increasing the potential value they can capture for their ecosystems.
Stay Sovereign
Chains can opt in and out of the Espresso Marketplace for any given timeslot. Chains can also set a minimum price that must be met by the marketplace.
Fast Finality
The Espresso Network provides fast finality to the chains that it fuels, offering faster bridging experiences and beyond.


We work together with chains, applications, bridges, and beyond to bring a unified experience to Web3.