Web2 performance with Web3 security.

High throughput and fast finality without sacrificing decentralization.

CAPE: configurable privacy for your assets

Today, blockchain transactions reveal all information to anyone who cares to look. Espresso Systems’ Configurable Asset Privacy protocol (CAP) offers transactional privacy. Asset creators can make data visible to designated parties under pre-defined circumstances, balancing privacy needs with risk management requirements. CAP is deployed as CAPE (CAP on Ethereum) on Arbitrum testnet today.

VERI-ZEXE: high performance smart contract privacy

Smart contract systems like Ethereum broadcast all program states and state transitions publicly. ZEXE (zk-execution) offers privacy around what smart contracts they are using. In order to make ZEXE practical for devs and performant for users, Espresso has developed VERI-ZEXE, a system that improves the state-of-the-art by almost 10x.

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