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Espresso Sequencer: decentralizing scaling solutions

The Espresso Sequencer is a shared decentralized network that supports Layer 2 scaling solutions in achieving credible neutrality, security, and interoperability.

Hyperplonk: the proof system tailored to zkVMs

Hyperplonk is a free and open source zk-proof system developed and maintained by Espresso Systems to meet the complex needs required by scaling systems like zkVMs.

Jellyfish: your Rust cryptography toolkit

Jellyfish is Espresso Systems' open source cryptography library, implementing a key cryptographic primitives ranging from hash functions and accumulators to the most feature-complete and fast zk-proof systems.

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CAPE: configurable privacy for your assets

CAPE is an application that supports configurable privacy for on-chain interactions. Customize the privacy of your assets by choosing who can see transaction data, and under what circumstances.

VERI-ZEXE: high performance smart contract privacy

VERI-ZEXE is a system that can be implemented to protect user privacy around what smart contracts they are using without compromising on performancy, speed, and scale.

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